Pipeline & Terminals

Ambitech’s accrued organizational experience and knowledge delivering highly demanding pipeline and terminal projects enables us to provide our clients with mission-critical solutions to operate their facilities efficiently and safely in a highly competitive environment. As conventional and non-conventional oil and gas field development and production expands, particularly in North America, the need for new and upgraded pipelines and terminal facilities is becoming a critical strategic component for many of our clients.  Ambitech is a proven partner and is well positioned to deliver our expertise in a fast-track manner to meet these challenging project requirements.

Our client-focused technical staff and seasoned project managers have deep experience in the conceptual and detailed design of pipeline facilities and terminals. We routinely complete a wide range of pipeline and terminal projects including greenfield startups and installations, expansions, revamps, and maintenance work for pipeline terminals, pump stations, and compressor stations.

No matter the size, scope, or complexity of the project – from quick-turnaround studies to the design and installation of large-scale greenfield facilities; Ambitech can either deliver the entire project or manage and execute specific key components to help clients maintain their competitive edge.

Representative Clients

  • FHR Pipeline
  • Buckeye
  • Gateway Terminals