Employee Values and Mission


Ambitech employees, as individuals and as members of project teams and work groups, adhere to the following core values:  Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Openness, and Teamwork.   These core values define how we work with each other and how we work and interact with our clients, vendors, and all other affected stakeholders.

“The character of Ambitech is strongly rooted in the responsibility we have to our clients and to our employees. To our employees, this means that we must provide the tools and environment needed to maximize their talents and expertise for their professional fulfillment and, ultimately, for the benefit of our valued clients.”

~ Allan R. Koenig, CEO and Founder

Because Ambitech values long-term employee relationships, we recognize the desire to balance one’s career and personal life, the need for opportunities for career training and development, and the preference for a work environment that encourages camaraderie, growth, enjoyment, productivity, and creativity.