Safety at Ambitech

TARGET ZERO. Ambitech safety goals are very direct — ZERO incidents, ZERO accidents, and most importantly, ZERO injuries. This goal is reflected on our employees, clients and the contractors with whom we work. To achieve this goal, we follow a very simple philosophy: “Good Safety Practices = Good Business Practices”.

Our safety programs work. Ambitech employees have worked in excess of NINE MILLION consecutive work hours without a loss time incident. Additionally, our carefully scrutinized contractors perform at injury and illness levels consistently 30% lower than national averages.

How we get to Zero:

  • Employee training and awareness. We educate all of our employees on safe work practices.
  • Comprehensive Contractor Screening. If contractors have demonstrated they do not work safely, they don’t work for us.
  • Safety Engineering. Safety is engineered into every job we do – from the beginning.
  • Plan the Work. Work the Plan. We have contingency plans for every foreseeable safety obstacle.
  • Safety Auditing Process – Our team of Safety Professionals are in the field ensuring safe work.
  • Recognition and Reward Programs – Our Senior Management takes safety seriously and recognizes individuals for extraordinary Safety achievements.
  • Empowerment – Every employee has the training and the authority to stop work that is not safe.
  • Accountability – Safety Performance Metrics are measured for all projects and managers.
  • Innovation – Our safety programs are regarded as being leading edge.
  • “Whatever it Takes” our corporate philosophy is directly applied to our Target Zero safety efforts.

Leaders in safety initiatives have recognized our safety programs. We have received Safety Awards from high profile clients such as: ExxonMobil, BP, TRMA, NWIBRT, and BASF.