Ambitech Quality

Ambitech’s quality program objective has been and always will be:

To consistently deliver projects that are on time, within budget, error-free, and meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

Amibitech’s quality program is dynamic. Beyond the day-to-day, project-level quality principles we adhere to, our program is designed to incorporate improvement. We willingly and openly perform project critiques to discuss ‘lessons learned’ throughout the organization to always improve the level of quality we deliver to our clients.

In addition to procedures and protocols used to execute our quality program, a key contributor to its success is the team members commitment to its implementation and improvement. Quality begins and ends with the dedication and excellence of our employees and there is little doubt they are the driving force behind Ambitech’s low error rate – one of the lowest in the industry.

Providing and utilizing the right information at the right time, understanding the basis of design/scope, coordinating with team members and clients, knowing and applying Ambitech’s quality procedures, checking work, knowing clients’ needs and expectations, and finally, communicating efficiently with project team members, vendors and contractors are all the elements Ambitech employees utilize to meet and in many cases exceed our client’s quality expectations. People make the difference and at Ambitech, we make quality happen every day.